Dento Iwama Ryu

Dento Iwama Ryu (Traditional Iwama Style)
— The Great Teachers


The Founder

Ueshiba Morihei 植芝 盛平 (1883–1969)

Ō Sensei 翁先生 (»Great Teacher«) created the system of self-defense we know today as Aikidō 合氣道 with roots in ancient Japanese Budō disciplines.
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The Keeper

Saitō Morihiro 斉藤 守弘 (1928–2002)

As the founder’s probably longest-serving student, he trained with O’Sensei in Iwama for 23 years. His immeasurably rich technical repertoire formed into a unique comprehensive teaching system, integrating open-hand and weapons techniques, that is the basis of our training.
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Today’s Kaichō

Saitō Hitohira 斎藤 仁平

Assumed responsibility for the founder’s Iwama dōjō and the Aiki Shrine following the passing of his father. In 2004 he founded the independent Iwama Shinshin Aiki Shurenkai association. Numerous students from around the globe continuously come to train at his dōjō Tanrenkan 鍛錬館 (the foundry).
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Dento Iwama Ryu dojos can be found in many countries around the world. The video clip features heads of international dojos in action.