Mixed group: ♀/♂, junior/senior (age 16+, as a rule), beginners/advanced students.
Classes usually comprise open-handed and weapons techniques as well as basic work (fitness, safe falling exercises), and are taught in German/English language, as needed.

Where and when?

Sports hall of Volksschule Langenlebarn, Wiener Straße 3, 3425 Langenlebarn | Tuesdays 20:00 hrs
Gym at DonauSplash, Karl-Metz-Gasse 1a, 3430 Tulln an der Donau | Fridays 19:30 hrs


Joy of exercising and effort, openmindedness and eagerness to learn,
plus the readiness to train twice a week.

Test it?

upon consultation, we offer up to three trial training sessions free of charge.
Thereafter, joining regular training classes is possible at any time


Annual fees: 175€
(club membership Sportunion Langenlebarn + Aikido section fee, as per Sept. 2020)

Wear and equipment?

white Karate-/Judo uniform with white belt for all ranks below black belt
Bokken/Jo (wooden sword/staff) according to teacher specification, available for beginners.

Dojo Head:

Markus Bauer (3rd Dan Dento Iwama Ryu) has been active in Aikidō since 1999 and is a student of Volker Hochwald (6th Dan Dento Iwama Ryu, Aiki Shuren Dōjō Korntal, Germany).

Markus took up training with the then newly established Stuttgart group of Volker and Franziska Hochwald, later with Carsten Oetzel (5th Dan Dento Iwama Ryu). Right from the start, he was fascinated by the intensity of the physically and mentally demanding training, as well as the coherent combination of open-handed and weapons techniques in traditional Iwama style.

His frequent seminar participations, at home and abroad, include training with grandmasters Saito Morihiro, Saito Hitohira, Saito Yasuhiro, Alessandro Tittarelli and Patricia Hendricks, et al. He was also a live-in student (uchideshi) of Saito Hitohira Kaichō at the founder’s dōjō at Iwama, Japan in 2003 and in 2014 he trained with Hoa Newens at the Aikido Institute Davis, California.

In 2015, he established the Aiki Shuren Dōjō in Tulln, at the Danube river, close to Vienna, the first Dento Iwama Ryu/ISSASK group in Austria. In his training, he attaches great importance to an atmosphere of focus and concentration while combining traditional training with modern fitness elements.

“My ideal training? … one without words, but with a lot of Ki-Ai.”