Aiki Shuren Dōjō Tulln

Joy of Movement

Aikidō 合氣道 — a young Budō discipline with old roots. Aikidō was developed in the course of the early 20th century from the legacy of ancient Samurai combat techniques as a comprehensive and dynamic system of peacable self-defence. At the Tulln Dōjō, we train in traditional Iwama style Aikidō (Dento Iwama Ryu). It integrates a broad range of open-handed, as well as weapons and disarming techniques, while emphasizing technical precision to deal with vigorous, focused attacks.
Aikidō appeals to those interested in intensive and sustainable practice. Apart from the technical aspects of self-defence, exercises in taking safe falls and training with bokken and jo (wodden sword and staff) help develop awareness, coordination and centering your body and mind.

Additionally, Aikidō is

  • Not a collection of streetfighting recipees. In addition to self-defense, it aims at developing an inner stance that prevents violent confrontation.
  • Not a competitive sport. Training, belt tests and seminars are all there is.
  • A school of respect, rectitude, and awareness.
  • A vehicle for releasing stress, a great way to let off steam, to focus and relax.
  • Vibrant and loud! Training is performed with „Ki-Ai“ (a channelled energy shout).
  • An offer of personal development that includes physical and mental fitness.
  • A safe space for practice, the Dōjō („place of the way“). This is more than a sports hall or fitness center. It enfolds a framework of traditional etiquette with clear roles and rules of training, aimed at mutual evolution.
  • A study in the truest sense: Latin „studere“ = to make effort (for).
  • Shared effort in progress. Beginners and advanced students carry responsibility for themselves as well as their training partners.
  • Not fully describable in all its depth and facets. It has to be experienced.